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Annual Investment Meeting

In the course of the Annual Investment Meeting, EICTP President Herbert Scheibner met with the Secretary General of the Arab League. The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM Congress) is an initiative of the AIM Global Fundation, an independent international organization that works to strengthen the global economy by supporting effective promotional strategies and creating opportunities for…



Terrorism as a product of personal frustration, political radicalism and mutual inspiration. The new phenomenon of racist-motivated lone actors

Often wrongly criticized, the concept of right-wing lone-actor terrorists is plausible since it only concerns planning and execution. Often also named “lone wolves”, lone-actor terrorists definitely take part in large ideological groups and must be considered in the light of large societal contexts. In other words, white supremacy, QAnon, Reichsbürger, Identitarianism, Incels, etc. must be…


Between civil disobedience and militancy. The radical climate protection protest movement and its extremist potential

For several months now, concerted actions by climate activists in various European countries and metropolises have regularly made headlines. The protests are staged in a targeted manner through short-term, high-profile, provocative and media-accompanied disruptive actions. Polarizing protests against the existing climate policy, which in the view of climate activists is not sustainable enough, are still…



Central security policy challenges for Europe

We deal with the central security policy challenges for Europe. A worldwide network of internationally active terrorism and hybrid conflicts are a growing threat. We devote ourselves to in-depth analyses and studies of such uncertainty scenarios and want to actively contribute well-founded strategies and solution scenarios or make the effects of prevention and intervention assessable.

This will contribute to strengthening confidence in public order for a stable, strategic environment for promoting cooperation with European neighbours. The focus is on overcoming intercultural, interreligious conflicts.

We are registered as an association with the name “European Institute for Counter Terrorism and Conflict Prevention”.

We are based in Vienna and are active worldwide. We are an independent, non-partisan and non-profit research institute.

E.I.C.T.P. conducts research on the causes and effects of terrorism and terrorist acts, as well as on suitable ways and means to prevent and combat terrorist activities and groups.

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We are a research institute

The institute aims to add value to confidence-building measures in the area of security and stability. It conducts research projects with partners at home and abroad and cooperates with universities and research institutions. We conduct public debates and security policy consultations and make our studies available to decision-makers, organisations in politics and business. We seek a dialogue between the parties to the conflict.


We generate and network our knowledge and insights

We generate and network our knowledge and insights, especially with experts, through profound expert reports and other qualitative publications, and bring together different scientific, intercultural points of view and establish a direct connection to the affected areas and contacts. We conduct expert discussions and offer workshops on relevant topics together with our experts as well as the production of publications on the main activities. Implementation and dissemination of the results of the project.


Opportunities to support our institute as a sponsor

We invite institutions, companies and private individuals to support the work of the institute as sponsors. We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities and advantages and if you are interested, please contact us.