Article by Florian Hartleb in the standard work on new trends in cybercriminology


Title: The new type of perpetrator, the right-wing “lone wolf” and the underestimation of the virtual dimension




This publication was only published in German



The sometimes harshly and unjustly criticized concept of the “lone wolf” has plausibility, as lone perpetration only relates to the planning and execution of the crime. “Lone wolves” are very much part of a larger ideological pack and must be viewed in the context of larger social contexts. In other words, a look at white supremacy, QAnon, Reichsbürger, Identitarians and Incel is urgently required, as there is often a “docking” to such world views. The virtualization of right-wing terror goes far beyond social media and is reflected in a new online subculture of memes and symbols. The politically motivated acts of violence with targeted killings, for example against certain ethnic groups, not only know no national borders, but also inspire each other. Evidence is provided by manifestos and other messages. Prevention can only succeed if the highly dynamic nature of the subject matter is taken into account. It is precisely here that online games must be viewed by the security authorities far more as social platforms.



Dr. Florian Hartleb is co-editor and research director at the European Institute for Counter-Terrorism and Conflict Prevention (EICTP).