Attendance of ICT World Summit on Counter-Terrorism 2019, Israel

From 9-12 September, EICTP attended ICT’s International Conference on Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel. The theme of the Conference surrounded „Terrorism 2020: Understand the Present, Prepare for the Future“ in order to join discussions on current developments in international terrorism manifestations and possible counter-activities and strategies.

ICT’s annual international conference is the largest and one of the most influential events in the field of counter-terrorism today. Over 1.400 high-level decision-makers, officials, prominent scholars and other high-ranking representatives from over 80 countries took part in this year’s summit on counter-terrorism. Fruitful dialogue and exchanges with prominent experts such as Boaz Ganor, Alex P. Schmid, Brian Jenkins or Seth G. Jones contributed to a very interesting and valuable insight into current developments and challenges of terrorism and counter-terrorism, and it also provided opportunities for EICTP for future cooperations and projects.