Between civil disobedience and militancy. The radical climate protection protest movement and its extremist potential

For several months now, concerted actions by climate activists in various European countries and metropolises have regularly made headlines. The protests are staged in a targeted manner through short-term, high-profile, provocative and media-accompanied disruptive actions. Polarizing protests against the existing climate policy, which in the view of climate activists is not sustainable enough, are still on the agenda, especially in Germany and Austria.


In this edited volume, some of the most prominent, predominantly German-speaking researchers on extremism examine the question of the extremist potential of climate protection protests from different perspectives. They come to different conclusions in their findings, but all analyses seem to have one view in common:

The climate protection movement is highly heterogeneous in terms of its actors, objectives and forms of protest, and is in a state of continuous change.


Against this background, it cannot be ruled out that the climate protection movement will become further radicalized.

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