EICTP Policy Paper: The Conflict in Yemen: Outlook and Consequences for Europe

The current conflict in Yemen dates back to the emergence of the Houthi movement in the early 2000s. After the fall of the Yemeni regime under president Ali Abd Allah Salih in the wake of the Arab Spring and the establishment of a transitional government under interim President Abd Rabboh Mansur Hadi, the Houthi movement took control of large parts of the country in 2015. After Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia in April 2015, the kingdom, at the head of a coalition of ten Arab and African states in Yemen, began intervening against the Iranian-backed Houthi movement. Despite the severity with which the war is being waged from all sides to this day, and the impact on the civilian population, the conflict has so far remained relatively unnoticed in Western media. Nevertheless, it is essential not to underestimate the potential impact of the conflict on Europe.


The Conflict in Yemen