EICTP Research Study: The Threat of Terrorism and the Anti-Terror Measures in the Greater Caucasus

The South Caucasus has become the focus of attention for the international community in the wake of the renewed intense conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. But even beyond the internal and inter-state conflicts, events in the South Caucasus as well as in the North Caucasus have at least an indirect impact on the EU’s security situation due to its geographical proximity to the Middle East.

Given an increasing necessity to understand systematic developments, paradigmatic shifts and recent trends in the sphere of politically motivated violence against innocent victims, the European Institute for Counter Terrorism and Conflict Prevention (EICTP) devotes its work to in-depth analyses and studies of such uncertainty scenarios.

This research study represents the first stage of an international research project “The Threat of Terrorism and the Anti-Terror-measures in the Greater Caucasus” and consists of analytical contributions by an international expert team. This collection of analytic papers examines current trends and developments with regard to the political and security-related dimensions of the Greater Caucasus region – the North Caucasian republics within the Russian Federation and countries of the South Caucasus – and assesses the threat of terrorism and possible antiterror-measures in the selected area of interest. Each expert contribution contains forecasts and conclusions that can be drawn with a view to future cooperations and actions for both the respective countries of the region and the European Union as a whole.

EICTP considers it a key task to actively contribute well-founded strategies, provide feasible  olution approaches and suggest options for action to policymakers. This is expected to be conducive to strengthening confidence in public order for a stable, strategic environment for promoting cooperation with European neighbours and partners beyond.