EICTP’s climate protest movement study presented

On July 12, EICTP presented its research project entitled “Between Civil Disobedience and Militancy. The Radical Climate Change Movement and its Extremist Potential” in Berlin. In this research project, seven renowned extremism researchers from Germany, a recognized expert from the United Kingdom, and an Austrian editor explored whether the climate protection movement has a potential for radicalization or extremism, and if so, in what form and intensity.

In a differentiated analysis, they shed light on actors, objectives and forms of protest. For the first time in the German-speaking world, the eight authors, each with their own differentiated approach, put the ideological preconditions, the concerns, objectives and forms of protest, but also the key actors and structures of the Climate Protest Movement, which is in itself heterogeneous, to the test on almost 130 pages. The research study represented the first explorative and theory-based study on this hitherto understudied topic. It will figure thus as a basis for future research following its lead.