Publication Turkish Foreign Policy and the Ukraine War

At present, Turkey is trying to adopt a position of “active neutrality” in the war between Russia and Ukraine. A foreign policy position that Ankara has been pursuing since 2014. In concrete terms, this means that Ankara supports both states to the best of their ability. Turkey’s alliance with Ukraine is important for Ankara to tame Russia’s geopolitical ambitions. Above all, the occupation of Crimea has been heavily criticized by Turkey again and again, not only because the territorial integrity of Ukraine is at stake, but also because of Turkish political ambitions to create stronger political and economic alliances with the Turkic states that have emerged since 1989. The foreign policy approach within the framework of “active neutrality” should also help to normalize relations with Western partners – NATO, the EU and the US. At the same time, Turkey’s political support for Russia makes it possible not to jeopardize bilateral relations and military alliances (e.g. Syria).

Turkish Foreign Policy and the Ukraine War