Russia’s war against Ukraine

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which began on 24.2.2022, must be analyzed on different levels. As a result of Russia’s war of aggression with armed forces that are among the largest in the world against Ukraine as a country that is not a member of NATO, thousands of people have been killed and wounded since 2/24/2022. Women and children – non-combatants under the International Law of War – have been and are being killed, wounded and raped. Cities are being starved. The humanitarian catastrophe is a level of analysis of this war, linked to Russia’s warfare. Through social networks, thousands of individual fates of Ukrainians are transported to the world, and we have media and personal access to this war through video footage and live feeds to those affected. The humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine has been ongoing since Feb. 24, 2022, and is forecast to continue for some time. Millions of Ukrainians are affected by it.

Russias war against Ukraine